The Kite Project - Alternative Provision Provider for the South West
The Kite Project - Alternative Provision Provider for the South West

Our Objectives and Values

Education is more than being in the classroom. At the Kite Project we recognise that pupils need a varied approach to learning. Not all learners are the same and at the Kite Project we aim to provide bespoke packages to those learners that find the school environment difficult to engage with.


We aim to improve pupils:

  • Self Asteem
  • Self Worth
  • Increase engagement with Education as a whole
  • Improve their Life Skills so that they become valued members and contributors of society
  • Working with others
  • Independence
  • Soft Skills
  • Increase in School Attendance

Bespoke Packages

  • At the Kite Project we understand that every young person is different.
  • We will provide a bespoke package that builds on the strengths of the young person and which identifies areas for development.
  • The young person will play a significant role in shaping their package.
  • The cost of any of our bespoke packages is £92 per young adult per day.
  • Please note: Schools will be charged on a 6-week block, before commencing placement.
  • The Kite Project however, does not accept responsibility for transportation of any young persons to and from their school and our provision.

What does a typical day look like?

  • We welcome the young people to our provision, where they will meet the leaders and other young people. They will make and eat their own breakfast – working on their life skills of cooking, money management, getting along with others etc.
  • After eating breakfast together, they will carry out a short group exercise – with a focus on PSHCE.
  • They will then go out on their activity
  • Upon returning to the provision the young people will carry out a self assessment – where they will have an opportunity to reflect on their learning and identify opportunities for further development.
  • They will then be collected from the provision and returned to their educational setting or home.

Here At The Kite Project, the Sky's the Limit

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